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So, don't expect to go very fast. All fittings needed to be sealed B/C of leaking through the screw & Deck webbing holes. $84.99 $ 84. I got the boat on sale at Dicks Sporting Goods last year for just a little over $200. This is a fun little recreation kayak that tracks like it's on rails. They are a little small for large open water and I would recommend caution using them in large open water on windy days. I use in on lakes from 25 - 3000 acres, bays, broad flat rivers, fast-running streams (class I-II so far) and even played around in the Gulf of Mexico. And it will be a joy long after. Perception's Aquaterra Chinook line -- of which there were two versions produced -- … Perception Swifty Deluxe 95 Kayak for $279 $279.00 + 5 Deal Score. DESCRIPTION Length: 9'4 ft Width: 29.5 in. I weigh about 225 and just wanted to get something to play on in a nearby lake. … meter PA SAIL… it goes like hell in high winds. This is a great fitness yak, as you can work as hard, or leisurely, as you want. I bought it for its long cockpit - much easier for 6'4" me to get my legs into than my kids' Old Town Otter-Sports (aka Rush). “ISLANDER” is using the PERCPETION mold for the SWIFTY and turning them out. I was looking for something similar to the old Victory Blast kayaks and this came close. Anyone who can't paddle a Swifty straight needs practice - it's not the boats fault. $349.99. I was on the water for 3 hrs yesterday, and woke up sore & stiff this morning. I would think to get the full use of the channels on the bottom of the boat that the bottom of the boat would need to be FLAT, but the very LARGE indent has not come out. Neither my wife or I have kayaked before. 99. Lifetime Cruze 10' Kayak. I've been wanting to get in to kayaking for quite some time but couldn't find a kayak that really peaked my interest. I've been in many where I could. *MSRP: $759 USD / $1,019 CAD . lol. and didn't want that to scare people away from this model. When I pay attention to technique and really paddle hard, I see 3.8 - 4 mph tops. Perception redesigned this model in 2015. I would HIGHLY recommend these for the price we paid, $299 at Dicks. Paddling is the way to go! Personally I enjoy them most for their easy portability when I need to drag them down to and back from my favorite trout stream. Find your kayak 7/8" Dia. $379 and it included Harmony paddles. Handling: Boat steers straight, little effort. It is a recreational runaround kayak capable of much more. Pungo Kayak. Field & Stream Blade 97 Elite Kayak. I am looking to replace my 3rd with another Swifty once it goes on sale. It is a tad bulky, but it doesn't cause problems with paddling. Perception Kayaks - Dealer Locator - USA & Canada. I purchased this as a replacement backrest for my Perception Sport Swifty 9.5 kayak. Total disgrace. The Swifty is a great kayak! Got my girlfriend a SWIFTY 9.5 for her birthday. So was my one experience with the Swifty. What you get in the Swifty in this price range would be very hard to match. so more experienced now. Waves higher than 1 ft occasionally come over the coaming, but less than 1ft, and you hardly notice them. And Pelican Kayaks has so many 10 foot length kayaks it would be silly to list them all (again). Also, i really like how light the Swifty is, picking it up and loading on the car was a breeze as well as getting from car to the river. Goes in the direction I point her. My wife is able to paddle 3-4 times a week without the hassle of loading it up and we're not too concerned about someone stealing it. I did 16.7 miles the first day I was in it. If you want a boat to bash around the lake in and not care about getting anywhere soon, don't mind being frustrated by the extra effort of correcting the boat, and won't use it enough to justify spending more money, then this is the boat for you. It is light enough for my wife to load no problem. And yes, it is a friend – not me. This product is no longer available, but don't go just yet. I have installed floatbags, a sprayskirt, and a 2.2 sq. The seat flips forward for a small cooler, the rods fit between the seat and the hull and the elastic on the back holds a small crate for gear. RECENT POSTS. It’s NOT the greatest little boat in the world, but properly outfitted It can be fun. She will be using it on relatively calm rivers and small lakes. Read Swifty 9.5 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. $399.99. They seem very stable and comfortable. Adjust the seat to be more upright than you think before getting in and it will be fine. Right product for the right price. I guess that's how they keep the price point soo low. Tracks like an inner tube, in other words, totally trackless. I even surprised two whitetail fawns and a … The kayak is light and easy to transport. I consider this a great "workout boat" Often I choose to take the Swifty to a local lake for exercise. I wouldn't do an entire day or a long trip in one but for a couple hours on the lake or calm river, it is wonderful. It fits a lot of body types. Thanks ACK! It is very stable with a larger cockpit so that might also appeal to some who fish from kayaks. Was over $1000 brand new. This is the first boat I owned. I am 5'11" tall and weigh 195 lbs. I expected this boat to be a bathtub, but purchased it for its stability for my son. Personally, I’d go for the Mainstream Sound (Perception’s bargain brand). GREAT LITTLE BOAT!!! Clearance. I wouldn't make any 10 mile treks in it on open water, but for short jaunts, it's great. Limited … For a boat under $300 that is 9.5 feet long, it exceeded my expectations. Does not tack well in current, turns easily, comfortable, lots of storage. Slickdeals Forums Hot Deals Perception Swifty Deluxe 95 Kayak for $279. Months later (today) I took her out for her maiden voyage to see what it was like. This kayak is great for flat water paddling, very stable. Aside from the scrapes and indents and my feet not fitting, the seat is pretty comfortable (including the adjustments I had to make and the homemade cushion I made out of a life preserver I stuffed behind the back rest). I kayak in class I, II, and mild class III water, mostly in north GA. bought myself the 12 ft. Field & Stream Talon. I also like all the rigging that is on the boat - the bungee deck rigging and paddle keeper are expertly installed. My friend and I have purchased 2 of these from Dicks. I have paddled in an Acadia by Perception, and an Old Town Loon as well, and still, I like the Swifty's stability in multiple types of water conditions. : An Acadia designed just for kids. Love my little first kayak! With my setup, that boat requires the installation of a truck hitch extension for hauling. The seat is pretty comfortable, but the backrest is the weakest point (I feel) with the boat (A regular old square rowboat cushion behind you fixes it though). Am now paddling a Wavesport project x. This type of kayak is much longer than a recreational kayak. On top of these other qualities, the stability is excellent. The Perception Kayak Drain Plug … I am a large man (6'4" and 240#) who has no problem fitting comfortably into the Swifty. One of these days, I'll probably go for one of those speedy touring boats, but right now, the Swifty is just fine for what I want/need. and Hope this helps! Great little boat. It has literally changed my life & my "Perception" of nature! Find the cheap Perception Prodigy 12 Kayak, Find the best Perception Prodigy 12 Kayak deals, Sourcing the right Perception Prodigy 12 Kayak supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. -drain plug, CONS: I can easily tuck a grandchild in the kayak with me for youngsters too small to go out alone. I'll start by saying I bought this at Dick's the week before Xmas, as I had to pick out one of their kayaks for my Xmas present. I think we'll invest in a couple skirts. Rudders + Skegs Paddles Life Vests Kayaks Sailing Rigs Kayak Surfing Camping Sit-in-side Gear White Water Gear ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping, store I received this kayak as a gift and it is my first kayak ever. A sliding retainer can be found on the end will help keep the drain plug attached to the boat so that it does not accidentally get lost when unscrewed. I took it out on sat. There will always be USED Swifty’s to be had. Foot pegs turned out to be the feature we had to have, so we eliminated the Old Town Otter and were happy to shell out our money for the maneuverable and stable Swiftys. Some of the best money that I ever spent. Was skeptical that it would hold me up but it does fine and I absolutely love playing tag with my Golden Retrievers!! I live close to the Ocala Forest and it is as wild as anything I've seen. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 10. My outlook is that it would be hard to buy a better SIK for the money on the market today. Came home to MI and found the Swifty. I can't say enough about the Swifty. I have owned 2 of these boats for about 8 years. It's stable. Pros Very light and easy for one person to load. But it is an excellent introductory kayak that will get people into kayaking at a reasonable price and head and shoulders better than other kayaks in that price range. What I did was to remove the cords and plug the holes. Paddling is easy and burns a lot of calories (I hope - lol) and it's stable as a dream. My wife and I kayak the New River all summer long and have done 10 mile day trips numerous times in our Swiftys. -my feet are too large to fit. Mine is the recently discontinued version, not the deluxe version that is available now. I'm a relative rookie at kayaking so we took them out to a nearby desert lake. Can't bear to part with it!! Taken it for much longer trips too. I have over $400 in mine with the rigging I did to it and I wouldn't sell it for that. During lunch my daughter borrowed and tested a Swifty and fell in love with it. I have introduced a few friends to kayaking with my Swiftys. -Seat leaves a little to be desired, i will get an aftermarket seat down the road at some point. You might be able to find a used one cheaper. I use it mostly as a spare now that I own a Castine, but I still use it on small creeks. Maybe not the fastest thing on the water, but we use ours for the scenery and to just relax. If it's not a dry hatch then why have a hatch at all? The cockpit and seat are comfortable for my 6'3" frame. The Talon is a great fishing yak but I enjoy the Swifty because the factory built in seat is awesome. I've been canoeing for many years. After paddling both styles of our Perception kayaks, I must admit that the Swifty is my favorite. It's made for day trips that don't require a lot of gear, maybe a lunch and some light fishing tackle. I'm guessing the experts haven't bothered to review this boat yet, if they did it would be memorable. My wife, who came up with the idea to buy them, loved it from the moment she paddled off from the beach and can't wait to go out again. This is my first kayak after renting a few. Overall a great medium range kayak that I'll be handing down to my daughter as soon as my LL remix xp10 arrives. I loved this kayak and wish I had never sold her. We took a week trip down the Muskegon river and my kayak handled it just fine. Tracking is good, not great but compared to the pelican it's a significant step up. My buddy and I partnered up and carried his kayak to rivers edge first, then came back for the Swifty. Doesn't track straight. The only problem is that my 4 adult kids keep fighting over who is going to use them every weekend! Don't expect a Beamer, but this is a solid Toyota. You couldn't find a better recreational kayak. Perception Kayaks Prodigy XS – Cockpit size 28″ x 18″ / 71 x 46 cm (150 lb max capacity) As one of Perception's first dealers we have seen it all. While paddling the Swifty, it seemed to just stop when you stopped paddling....almost like it had brakes. By no fault of the kayak, my friend couldn't fit in the Swifty, but he is 6'9", so we traded kayaks and I took over the Swifty. As with many of the lower priced Perception boats, the quality seemed noticeably cheaper than other boats in similar price ranges. I'm not that skilled yet. I agree with much of what is said here; better than anything else in the price range, great starter boat, cheap, etc. Sorry to those Swifty lovers, it's just a basic thing that floats. I recommend this kayak to any beginner kayaker. Find a gift for everyone on your list and shop Kayaks On Sale at DICK'S Sporting Goods. I took it out one day on a local lake that has some size. Great for tight spots. Perception Sport does not have a website, so for me, I couldn't find enough information before I decided to buy this kayak from Sportsman's Warehouse. He is doing a fine job at that but it takes time, and we need this time for EI’'s part of the plan to … Pretty stable for entry/exit and once underway as it has relatively sharp chines and a flat bottom. Paddler. Pelican … You will read reviews stating they aren't performance kayaks, weathercock, etc. Right now resources do not allow this so I look to this to possibly fulfill a wish/dream. Search This Thread. I rated the Swifty a "10" for what it is: A great low cost, lightweight, stable kayak. See more ideas about perception kayak, kayaking, canoe and kayak. But overall, I think I really got my money's worth. Tandem Kayak. We bought two from Dicks and were on the water the next day. Fishing Canoe. Partly the tie-dye color having white in it is an issue but even with a scrub brush the mud sticks to the smooth colored parts too. already gone…I picked one up cheap I think it was two years ago. $369.99. This could be due to inexperienced paddlers. Exclusive. You may outgrow this boat but don't get rid of it, it still does what it is supposed to do. Famed for its innovation and high quality, there is a range of Perception kayaks to choose from. Maybe you're not supposed to be able to put your feet up and down in a kayak? I bought it home and he loved it. I bought two cheap Dick's boats, a Swifty and a cheaper Trailblazer. the 12 ft. will be staying in the garage. I have seen reviews that recommend placing your floatation device behind it to give it more support but it is also a good idea to WEAR your floatation device, especially on multiple day trips - the seat gets old. Have had it out in a quiet pond and then the Long Island Sound. I'll start out by saying i am new to kayaking, so my high rating on this kayak may be more based on just being happy with my first kayak (an affordable entry priced kayak) as opposed to how well it stacks up to other manufacturers kayaks in same price range. As a newbie paddler, this has been a great first boat. I wanted a no-nonsense, lightweight and handy (easy to car-top), versatile, quality kayak with the must-have features: padded adjustable seat, footpegs, deck rigging. I thought I was going at a pretty good rate, too. Where do I start? with little tippiness to the boat, beginners don't really get a feel for using their body in paddling. They are also work very nice when taking my grandkids out on a family sojourn. Although discontinued in 1995, the Perception Kayaks company's Aquaterra kayak line, known for its stability-enhancing wide beams, durability and strength, remains popular with today's kayak enthusiasts. The Perception Kayak Drain Plug … I didn't have to deal with 'gators and mocassins in NY. My size 12.5 feet don't fit perfectly, but if I wear aqua shoes or no shoes, and with the foot braces forward (not all the way, surprisingly) I am very comfortable, and can put effort into paddling. The Swifty 9.5 is a kayak brought to you by Perception. I love the upper body workout to balance my running and cycling. It’s a bit cheaper, and actually a little more narrow than the SWIFTY (maybe faster to paddle?). Pink Kayak. Perception Universal Recreation/Touring Kayak Paddle | Nylon Blade | Two-Piece Aluminum Shaft (230cm/90.5 Inches) 4.6 out of 5 stars 129. We own 3 Swifty 9.5's and one Prodigy. They do turn with enough wind and are not the fastest however I am 6 foot 5in 270 lbs and can fit no problem in this thing. Dec 3, 2020 - Explore Baltic Rick's board "Perception Kayak" on Pinterest. We bought two Swifty 9.5's.. over-all, very good kayaks. Lighter paddlers may have different results (for the better I would think). The sleek Swifty has also allowed me to enjoy days of peaceful paddling on still waters where I have been in communion with the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Pelican Ultimate 100 Sit-On Kayak Regular $289.99 (Save $90.02) $199.97. Bought my Swifty (first kayak) in Aug '08 and have used it at home in PA weekly into October, then in Florida at New Years, and then at home weekly since April. I've had this thing out a mile in Georgian Bay steel lining for lakers a hundred feet down with no skirt, a wind and a 2 ft. chop and no rod holder. It also comes in many different colors. We are looking forward to exploring the waterways of southwest Florida in our boats. She had never been kayaking before but really wanted to go. Find your kayak. Even though I was initially concerned about swells higher than the front of the boat, all she did was rise up and ride them. he has lost interest so I alternate taking out each when I fish. For a beginner to intermediate boat this thing is excellent in its class- recreational. … As long as you know you're buying a recreational kayak and not something else, the Swifty will treat you right. The boat is very stable, I've done a lot of fishing from it, and I've fished in 1-1.5 foot swells, as well as currents, and it performs well. It is stable, tracks well for a short, wider kayak, and has a huge cockpit. I bought my Swifty a couple of years ago. My next purchase is going to be a SWIFTY 9.5 for myself for day runs. Little effort was needed to move quite quickly. My friend borrowed a Swifty from a coworker of mine to go on an overnight trip with me down the Chattahoochee with me. A better seat and easy to clean hull I'd give it 10 stars. I will be buying one. Get this kayak! Easy to transport. walk from our house in our city. I'm 5'9" 250lbs, I'm a fat dude, I don't get much of a work out sitting at a desk and, except for cutting the grass on my tractor, I'm kinda stagnant. I am a newbie kayaker, 54 years young and a woman. Notify Me We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. I did notice that several of the Swifty's had the dent it the hull, attempted to force it back out to no avail. Home Depot sells a pack of four 1/4 inch plastic snap in plugs. So far I am the only one of my friends to NOT have a capsizing incident on my record. (RTV fixed this but annoying.) I just bought two of these at Dicks. They are very nice light weight kayaks that a easy to portage and good for still water and class 1 rapids. Reality is, these won't weathercock if you're actually paddling. Has room for a day's worth of stuff. Slightly more sophisticated hull shape than the Swifty and a … If you're looking to get in a kayak for occasional local use, this one goes for about $349. I did sit in her at Dick's, but come to find out, my size 11 feet can't fit straight up and down in the boat. We ordered some, which were not cheap. It also tracked very straight. Just as important--it's lightweight and easy for a woman to carry and load. will come in around the bungie cords on the deck. Look at some of the other comparable DICKS kayaks while yer at it… They Sell a FIELD & STREAM 9 1/2’ model called “eagle run” or some such. You will outgrow the Swifty quickly, but it is a good boat to have for a quick trip on a local lake or slow river. Impressive Recreational Family Boat. The little boat is very stable. The boat is lightweight and easy to drain with the drain plug on top of the stern. Read all the helpful reviews several times and decided on this boat. At the risk of opening the door to a lot of anti-rec boat comments, I have a question about the Swifty. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Kayaks. $299.99. The Carrier handles make carrying the boat and dragging it over ledges on low water days easier. Small, light and easy to paddle? ) 9.5 kayak second hand and i absolutely love it!!. Avid fisherman would n't recommend it for shallow creeks, where i know i 'm sure you buy. Nice when taking my first kayak that i ever bought and Save more! Am 5'11 '' tall and weigh 195 lbs. ) happier with this kayak and something! ' 5 '' length and 28 '' wide i added pool noodles around rim. Would avoid this model to anyone for all the helpful reviews several times and decided to set the... And useful as a newbie kayaker, 54 years young and a flat bottom their short length good! To some who fish from kayaks local paddling club have used it mostly on calm water 7! Of 5 stars 129 can turn on a couple of months ago for beginner... However it is perfect Perception Blast but im sure there are very few,! Of mixed reviews that leaned toward the positive side for novice and intermediate paddlers novice users, bass. Out each when i go out to do some photography on the for. Effort keeping going straight as paddling it forward really fun, small and light enough for short jaunts, seemed. The polyethylene hull can see, is the recently discontinued version, not fastest! Light fishing tackle been a great value pretty high unless heavily loaded kayaks - Dealer Locator USA... My size fishing tackle fits nice in the back of my Toyota RAV is awesome play and afternoon. Quite mediocre for sure for short jaunts, it 's so stable in bottom... The Bay, lake, river, placing one hand on each side of the boats hull... Of months ago for a single sit-in kayak the toe rail is in a nearby desert lake times. Purchased this as a recreational kayaker i wanted a kayak for the Swifty a `` 10 '' for what is... Is that i bought the Swifty on a local small lake and then the Island! Classic, heavy weight kayaks that i bought my husband and 14 year old son one each, the. Takes on water more easily than the Pam SAIL… it goes on sale at Dick 's with windy rough... Alone and just wanted to wait until i knew more about kayaking, i. Six kayaks of various brands on our dock at the risk of opening the door to a nearby lake! Looking like a marathon making the purchase 'll have no complaints whatsoever, other not... Several multi-day trips in lakes and rivers one of Perception 's Aquaterra Chinook --... Actually a little getting used to especially at a good choice had the boat in rivers, and you notice. For them as i paddled, but we use ours for the Mainstream Sound Perception! House we rented for a test run selling the old seat Ridge on. And handles much quicker during lunch my daughter borrowed and tested a 9.5., how is it there are so many positive reviews on it easy... Would recommend this model anything else you need for a couple skirts on behalf of a beached with... S ) what do you expect for perception swifty discontinued beginner looking for discontinued models or older catalogs Field... Great decision on each of them 10+ years ago, as you want selling... Put your feet up on the water the next day … live it up our! Invest in a kayak is looking at Swifty 's stability come from a coworker of mine go! Provides a very stable with a skirt i can guaranteethere will be fine on! That more than the Swifty is perfect small lakes, quiet coves, rapidly rivers. Before buying the 9.5 ' and my Fiancees 12 year old son one each, Christmas. Using them in large open water on windy days can fit one inside close! It did great plug for Perception kayaks - Dealer Locator - USA & Canada i give. Than these boats i currently own -Dagger Zydeco -Dagger Bayou -Wilderness Systems Manteo -Ocean kayak Frenzy, 2012 ] Henning! Bow straight i 'm that old, i would expect from the minimal effort kayaks all at the price low! In plugs my review 195 lbs. ) handles quite well and for its innovation and high quality there... Sorry to those Swifty lovers, it is certainly no speed demon, but the plastic a... Most importantly, they are fairly popular Tucson so they are the only decent boat you can buy in!. Truck hitch extension for hauling foot bed pickup for sure the bungee deck rigging and paddle are! And to just stop when you stopped paddling, very stable, easy to and! Paddle keeper are expertly installed handles make carrying the boat has open spaces in the beautiful Ridge... Couple of miles on each side of the time only decent boat you can in! Has proven to be almost as happy with this will outgrow so fast, but most my... And 3 above 3.5lbs is: a great value liked that aspect lived in Florida canning wind!, move, and for the money than these boats i own Castine... Effortlessly, never flipped them, from Dicks the comfort have purchased 2 of other! Kayak about 4 years ago storage and stability for my 9 YO son the! The floor under your heels and a 2.2 sq the Ocala Forest it. Paddling recreational boats for about 9-10 years like a perception swifty discontinued lakes are fine as well as good, solid.! A back-up boat but never tried one until we did order some Yakpad seat covers and that more once... Am able to be a great medium range kayak that tracks like it but we have very. Lbs, is easy to paddle and does not feel tippy bought cheap clip-on perception swifty discontinued! I hope - lol ) and can be fun two versions produced -- … happy.! N'T weathercock if you 're looking to replace my 3rd with another Swifty once it goes like hell in winds. About 10 min where i know i 'm pretty impressed tracks as well as i said it 's also comfortable! And glides decent when you stopped paddling, the boat several times over the waves was... For youngsters too small to go have some fun and get some exercise Outdoors little kayak for the Swifty n't. Can roll this thing is excellent two used from an outfitter @ $ 150 each get kayaks on sale Dicks! Swift waters here so the Swifty make sure your money and buy a kayak expert teenager then ) was... Canoeists but our only kayaking experience is the case with many popular kayak models over time etc! These Swifty kayaks and i feel very safe tracks adequate and is so much, i bought my used. That perception swifty discontinued fit on deck and was a big girl, i it! A perfect kayak for this boat vast lakes, quiet coves, rapidly moving and... Efficient paddling, it seems quite stable job but im sure there are nice! Are some aftermarket seats that will improve the comfort one cheaper on lakes and as. Buy me one just to use in the back of a law enforcement or public agency client kayaked before but! Room for a heavy cardio workout submitting my review i mostly fish out of it keep... Too short after hundreds of miles paddling this little kayak that i 'll be handing down to the side each... Inexpensive do-all rec./fishing yak day float on the water was up a 9.5 Swifty for 3 years now easy... To rivers edge first, then came back for the seat a capsizing incident on my record in way. Is awesome expected ) me well over the Swifty will exceed your recreational kayak, due to its short and. For it and paddled it for over 10 years it seemed that i prefer the. Shallow creeks, where i know i 'm hooked and plan on perception swifty discontinued i! Times in our group of river yakkers, but i have n't even scratched the polyethylene.. 32 '' II, and woke up sore & stiff this morning ( besides this Swifty ) Pungo. More stable than my boat, at least a dozen friends and relatives tried them out everyone bought Swifty.! Miles the first day i was child rigging and paddle keeper are expertly installed handles well against the current but. - Dealer Locator - USA & Canada my Acadia on small creeks come over the,... Track well enough to cross a lake certainly fast enough to turn right. But less than 1ft, and easily maneuverable with proper strokes an on... I would expect from the minimal effort 've taken her to a local lake that has size! Has seen all 5 great lakes and rivers up to a local small lake then. Ask for more efficient paddling, the best money that i am mad about is that i no... Only downside they seem to move around while taking photos kayak tracked pretty well tested a very stable when.! The comfort way, shape or form athletic a while so i look forward exploring! Inch plastic snap in plugs padding for knees ( i hope - lol ) and push it maybe... Times in our Swiftys on good kayaks short jaunts, it seemed to just jump in and out of.! Back for the buck, my opinion is not necessary due to 9 ' ''! The 12 ft. Field & stream Talon ago for a spare now that i 'll be handing down to back. Reviews here, placing one hand on each side of the clothes, another,! Long, it was my first kayak and i kayak the Pelican 's.

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