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Te Araroa means “the long pathway” in Maori. The shared walking and cycle track was opened in 2015 and Te Araroa Trust majorly funded the initial section. Plan your approach accordingly. Along the waterfront, the route is not heavily marked though somewhat obvious - follow the waterfront past Te Papa Museum to the far end of Oriental Bay. 2 x cabins with a single bed $30.00 pp with power. Turn left here and then, after 4km, right onto Colac Bay Road. The farm track descends onto a large fan down to river level - follow the marked route to the optimum crossing point. After about 600m the track crosses a stream, a marker then indicates a right-hand turn and the beginning of the climb towards the Telford Tops. A regular train service from Wellington to Waikanae (The Kāpiti Line), stops at Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Paekākāriki. Tui Birdsong Bed and Breakfast - 18 Orari Street, Ngaio. Walk 7.5km up Merrivale Road into the forest, all the way to the road-end. Travel is occasionally damp underfoot and a little slow through long grasses but the route improves and becomes easier as progress is made. Be sure to fill in intentions book at the start of the track. This final 7.2km track follows the south coast around the base of Bluff Hill to Te Araroa’s southern terminus at Stirling Point. Dry weather route - follow the track to Ōtaki Forks for roughly 100m along the terrace then drop down the bank on the unmarked route and cross the Ōtaki River. The Te Araroa website is a great resource with many links. The track starts at the forest entry gate near the top of Hewitt Rd. Because of the long distance of the trail, it is not usually recommended to bring paper maps, as they would add considerable weight. Left into State Highway 1 walkway, then right on to The Ramp (road bridge to Porirua City). This section of Te Araroa follows the Wellington 'Skyline Track' then Bells Track to Ngaio (suburb). This 3000.0 km route stretches from Cape Reinga in the North Island to Bluff, located on the tip of the South Island. There are numerous garden paths but Te Araroa follows the ‘City to Sea’ walkway through the garden. Missy Sinai - P: 027 6557012 - offers a shower and place to rest up near the end of the Mangaone South track. If you're thirsty, stop for a drink at one of the Te Araroa-themed drinking fountains en route. Princhester Road is a gravelled public road, but also a working farm access way. For the sake of completeness, turn left onto Trig Road then right onto Twinlaw Road. You’re unlikely to encounter vehicles, unless there is some forestry operation underway. Turn right onto the road and continue for 11km through to SH94. Cross the river here, as river levels allow, and climb to the nearby Lower Wairaki Hut (4 bunks). The trail is not just a back-country track, it connects town and country and provides those who walk the track with a wide variety of New Zealand experiences. Fiordland Bakery - 106 Town Centre, Te Ānau - P: 03 249 8899. Turn left here and follow the track down past a number of sign-posted historic gold mining sites to the car park on Round Hill Road. All major streams are bridged. Mountaineer Chalet - P: 0272 117 170 - E: Note: It is essential to wear high visibility gear or pack cover when walking on the verge of the highway along this stretch as there is a lot of heavy traffic and often unfavourable visibility due to weather conditions. It is about 4.5km to this point. Cross back to the west bank on the bend and head to the orange marker by a side stream just below the long slip in the west bank. From the Telford Campsite the route follows poles down the true left side of Telford Burn to a sign-posted crossing. This takes you back on to the Coastal Track - continue as above. Route to Pārāwai Lodge (100m altitude, 18 bunks) and Ōtaki Forks car park. Turn left onto this road and walk 2.4km to the edge of the eucalyptus forest fringe. Exit through the gate and turn left into Ōhariu Valley Road. This grassed valley merges into Buckley Road Reserve. River crossings - Never cross flooded rivers, Weather extremes - be aware of the weather forecast and be prepared to wait bad weather out if necessary. Follow Dunns Road for 7km towards Invercargill and another 2km once Dunns Road becomes Stead Street, which crosses the estuary towards Tweed Street, and the start of Invercargill’s CBD where you'll find accommodation, shops etc. Because my hike was relatively quick, I had to buy less days of food, and readers should take my numbers as something of a lower limit. The Te Araroa Trail was officially opened in 2011, and in trail terms it's still considered new and some sections are still under development. To get the track notes and Google Earth (KML) file we scan the trail index for each region on the Te Araroa website. Initially, the track undulates and passes through groves of coastal bush. Exit Gear Homestead, passing through the Adrenalin Forest. For the closest self-catering rural cottage accommodation, and pickup/dropoff from Ōtaki Forks, P: 06 3643220 or 0274 426968 - E: Few water sources. Luna Sea Lodge 641 Orepuki-Riverton Highway. 380m ascent, 1240m descent. Sally, John and the team at Makahika OPC. This track comprises 3 short, easy sections: 1) Pukerua Bay to Plimmerton - 1 hour 20 minutes, 2) Plimmerton to Pāremata Bridge - 40 minutes, 3) Pāremata Bridge to Porirua Railway Station - 1 hour, The route continues south (right) along the footpath on the right-hand side of State Highway 1, passing a wooden sculpture, until it reaches Arā Harakeke ("Flax Pathway"). Trampers should camp here if arriving after midday (see Mt Linton Station conditions of access below). The track traverses uneven ground towards Woodlaw Peak then descends towards a narrow strip of exotic forest. Exit overbridge to right along Pāremata Crescent, becoming Papakowhai Road. Follow Ames Street to park/reserve near end. Ignore sidetracks. From Mt Kaukau viewing platform head south/west down Skyline Track. Transport recommended as road narrow and winding. If arriving by car it’s best to park near the bottom of the road and walk up. Parking at the railway station is preferred for all track users and provides more direct access to the track. Be prepared to let levels fall during wet weather. Turn hard left down into bush-clad Trelissick Park (before suburban rail underpass). The track from here is often indistinct but follows markers to and beyond the Longwood trig. Follow Northern Walkway around the side of the hill with city views to St Mary Street. This section involves 3-6 days through the forest and alpine terrain and includes many steep ascents and descents. Links to trail notes on www.teararoa.org.nz provided for detailed directions. Pick up the Southern Walkway track again (pink signs) and continue on this route. At the lower end of St Mary Street, leave Northern Walkway and turn right up Tinakori Road for 300m. Follow boardwalks over swamp, sand dunes and on to the beach. Otherwise, it is 7km left on the Ohai-Clifden Highway to Ohai, a small rural town. For each trail section we take the "Trail Notes" and "Additional Information" and join them … Turn right here and walk the road shoulder into Riverton. From the car park continue down South Mangaone Road (5km) turn right into Ngātiawa Road (1km) and right into Reikiorangi Road (5km) leading to Waikanae Village. At Kelleher Shoulder a cairn marks where the track descends down a steep tussock ridge, snaking down to bush. From here, the track is over steep terrain, and there are no handrails on the steps. There are spectacular views, and it is one of the highlights of the Te Araroa Trail. This is a tough section, expect lots of mud, allow plenty of time, take plenty of water and be aware of the weather. I also read loads of blogs and followed other people who had or were hiking the trail the previous season. At the end of the Port’s Water Race the track joins the Long Hilly Track. Turn right at the fork (large orange triangles) following the DOC markers and down towards the covenanted land section and pine forest. Turn left immediately over the bridge into Bullock Lane (beside estuary) and follow a waterside path to Station Road. Views in the Tararua Ranges in clear weather are outstanding. From here the track is marked and sign-posted. Outdoor kitchen space and marquee with sink and bench (set up from Christmas). I say "Congratulations and Welcome" to you all. Signage indicates walkers are under the protection of the Ngāti Naho taniwha. We want you to have a safe hike so it's important for you to understand this app is not a safety tool. It is safer at low tide when you can walk the beach at Plimmerton. This point is signposted. Be prepared to wait out storms. The track is marked by poles across the open tops to the transmission tower at a road end upon Bald Hill. This route begins at the corner of Bowen Street and Lambton Quay. a GPS, maps, compass, usual survival equipment, and to have the skills needed to use everything properly. Straight through crossroads to Rifle Range Road to end. To reach the South Island and continue your walk you will need to return to Wellington to catch a ferry or Wellington Airport if flying. The Lord of the Rings actor Bruce Hopkins is walking the Te Araroa trail for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. It climbs steadily over Mayo Point (666m) and exits the bush edge just before Gable End (903m) after about 2½-3 hours. The official route now bypasses Waiopehu and goes up Gable End Ridge. Cross the carpark and cross pedestrian crossing on Hagley Street and turn left. In order to comply with the daylight hours condition, trampers should start no later than 10am while daylight saving is in operation (earlier when it is not) and make steady progress towards their destination. The track runs 10.5km along stopbanks adjacent to the New River Estuary and along the way you'll be treated to an area teeming with birdlife. Follow main track downstream for 4.5 km. Carry water from here as it’s the last reliable stream until the campsite. 90 mile beach is a huge stretch of sandy beach, which actually extends closer to 90 kilometres than 90 miles. Be prepared for extreme conditions at all times. Through park to sandhill track at the far end (south). There is parking and cell phone reception here and trampers can phone if they need shuttle transport or accommodation. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. The ground trail is light, or non-existent, so care and concentration is required to travel from marker to marker. Be sure to fill in intentions book at the start of the track. ... across to the SW end of the cliffs," the trail notes read. Turn left again onto State Highway 99 and walk the 4km to Colac Bay. Marker poles continue to show the way. This is on the riverside of the fence all the way down to Wash Creek, some 16km distant. Vehicles on road or track on Merrivale road, Few water sources between Merrivale Road and Martins Hut, Vehicles on road or track. NZTopo 50 series Levin (BN33), Shannon (BN34 briefly), Featherston(BP33), Ōtaki Forks Transport Options: Bookings Essential. Care is required to stay on the permitted track line. This track crosses private property and ongoing access is dependent upon the goodwill of landowners: Matariki Forests, DT King & Co Limited, Birchwood Station and Stephen Blair-Edie. The track then turns right and follows this line of trees to a gate. The track exits onto Kekeno Place, which is a busy industrial area so take enormous care when coming off the end of the track then crossing the railway line back out to SH1. Warning: Weather in the Tararua Ranges is notorious for deteriorating rapidly. Here is a fast-paced video showcasing the Te Araroa and all its variety: Te Araroa Video Overview Follow markers down the other side (blue) to edge of Spicer Forest. As the track nears the main ridge it veers south and becomes less distinct on the ground. Especially the best spots for coffee and cake/cheese scones. In general, the river runs barely above ankle height and will be easily crossed. Toilets en route at Plimmerton and Aotea Lagoon. There is no vehicle access into Mt Linton Station, beyond the main station office. Head along this, down a hill and join a major sealed track. As a result, Te Araroa Trust has declared the Rākaia a hazard zone which does not form part of the trail. As it leaves Kerikeri Inlet Road the trail ascends gradually through young pines for 2.5 kms … If the Mararoa is not fordable then Te Araroa trampers must cross the final swingbridge. You are now in open scrub with good views on a clear day. The trailheads on either side of the Rākaia make natural beginning or endpoints for Te Araroa section trampers and it is really only through-trampers that have to deal with the issue of getting from one trailhead to the other. Buses leave every 10 minutes from The Parade beside Shorland Park. Several sections of the route intentionally require kayaking and canoeing as well as the aforementioned ferry. At this junction turn right and follow the water race for 250m before reaching the Round Hill Track and walking for 850m to the carpark. At the bottom of Richard Street turn left onto Bay Road and walk around to the Palmerston Road Bridge. Be prepared for extreme conditions at all times. Completed in 2011, it’s a 3000 kilometer trail extending from Cape Reinga in the North to Bluff in the south. The Long Hilly Track is an extremely popular day walk, taking in a number of historic mine workings from what was once the largest Chinese mining settlement in New Zealand, dating back to 1874. If exiting from the Mangahao-Makahika Track, walk approximately 7 km down Gladstone Road to Poads Road on left, crossing an old concrete bridge and walking uphill to the car park and information boards. From the forestry road end a foot track leads down between the pine tree rows to the farm boundary. Every dollar makes a difference. These streams can be difficult and dangerous to cross in heavy rain. After crossing Arapito Stream the track climbs up the valley crossing a number of gullies before reaching the Plateau. The track reaches the forest edge after 2.5km. If continuing on to the next section (Pukeatua) turn left at the road and continue for 2km to end of the road: camping area, and the start of Fenceline and Pukeatua Tracks. Alternatively, at high tide, walk the initial section on the Foreshore Road frontage then descend to the beach when the road turns inland. There is a loop track available for day-walkers which takes 2 hours 15 minutes. Continue along the marked track towards television mast on Mt Kaukau. Only at the start and finish, Ruth Carter offers camping at their house immediately adjacent to the DOC carpark at the end of Mangaone South Rd - contact her in advance on. Join Facebook to connect with Allison Brodribb and others you may know. Continue along ridge top then veer right past the new concrete reservoir and head downhill to Mt Albert Road. The track leaves the road on the right here and travels up the forest fringe beside a fence line. Beyond this swingbridge, the track continues down the true right side of the Mararoa River to a third and final swing bridge. There is a collection box for you to leave the site fee, which we will collect each evening. The Te Araroa Trail Notes lists multiple spots to camp every night, so we usually stick to that for planning out each night’s “home.” When camping in the forest, we always look at our GPS for the closest river so that we can filter endless water for dinner, … Follow the path to city centre uncovered carpark. Conditions of the agreement giving public access to the land are that no horses, dogs, bikes or motorised vehicles are permitted. The sign-posted track departs to the side of the hut and traverses the bush fringe. A GPS may come in handy here (and across the tops) as the ground trail is not always obvious. Immediately turn sharp right on river side of the toilets. Continue along the old (now closed) Muri Station and go through Muri Park and onto Sea Vista Drive, cutting through the walkway to Pukerua Bay Railway Station. Otautau Hotel - 167 Main St, Otautau - P: 03 225 8166 - E: otautauhotel@vodafone.co.nz - W: Otautau Railway Hotel and Backpackers - 76-78 King St, Otautau - P: 03 225 8577 - backpackers, bar & restaurant. Note: In the city, the route is marked with brass plaques in the pavement. DOC’s Mavora Lakes Park pamphlet, available through the link on this page, includes additional information on some of this trail section and the surrounding area. In 30 minutes, turn sharp left (south) down steep Bell's Track to Awarua Street for approximately 1km. An alternative is to use the road bridge 100m upstream and cross a field on the right to the Surf Life Saving Club. I did not pay for Guthook and used the official TA app for my hike and it worked … Take care when the tide is high. Early in the walk, keep an eye out for the "Summit Walkway" if you wish to pop up to the top to admire the views. If continuing directly to Colonial Knob, take the 1.5km Raiha Walk to Elsdon (campground), Provides a mixture of walkway cycleway, tramping tracks and road walking. Walk 200-300m to Colonial Knob Walkway car park on left (past Elsdon Camp). The best option is to call. If you are a daredevil, take time out for some heart-pumping action at the amazing Adrenalin Forest confidence course. It is then a further 10km walk along the beach to the Dunns Road exit, which becomes visible at a gap in the dunes. Much of the route is over a working farm so trampers may encounter vehicles and the movement of stock in large numbers. Breast Hill via Te Araroa Trail is a 9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. A link to my day-by-day Te Araroa itinerary is here – note that my times varied a lot depending on whether I was with company or alone. Bypass in Trelissick Park through Northern Walkway if Korimako Stream flooded. Just before the Bowen Street exit, take a minute to inspect the cutout steel sculptures dedicated to Te Araroa - these were unveiled in 2017 by the Mayor of Wellington. At the end of Raumati South Beach, turn inland through piles of driftwood where you see a triangular "Total Fire Ban" sign. I also read loads of blogs and followed other people who had or were hiking the trail the previous season. Offer an on demand service. Stewart Island does not form part of Te Araroa, however, click HERE for more information around transport to/from the island, accommodation and walking. The track continues beside private property and the rail corridor. Fill up here as there is no other easily available water source for some distance. Trail Maps, Tracks, & Notes are intended to be updated in September each year. From the Waikanae Bridge take the track downriver on the true right bank (north). Full range of hostel, motel and other accommodation providers including: From a small picnic area about 100m before Carlton Gore Road the route climbs uphill on to the slopes of Mt Victoria, following Wellington’s ‘Southern Walkway’ for its full length right down to the south coast. Note: From September 2018 - the new route to Te Matawai Hut bypassing Waiopehu Hut uses Gable End Ridge. The track starts on Struan Flat Road. Please take caution on roads as they can be very busy. Continue 500m along Ocean Parade to a second lot of toilets and car park (Pukerua Bay Beach). From here the new track heads south along the ridge climbing gently. Below here the river bends around to flow east. From the north Te Araroa enters the Wellington region at Poads Road, 7 km from Levin (Taitoko). At the eastern end of the bridge on SH99, turn into Jetty Street and onto Leader Street. Once across the boundary fence, turn left onto the farm track and descend. Carry enough water for your first day. From the Department of Conservation information sign, follow the Fenceline Loop Track for 700m to a marked junction to Pukeatua Track. Completed in 2011, it’s a 3000 kilometer trail extending from Cape Reinga in the North to Bluff in the south. Please give way to stock and farm operations and leave gates as you find them. Walk along the road (approx 5kms) to crossroads. This track climbs steeply up the hill face to the right. An amazing "FEAT" on amazing "FEET". Once you leave Turnbulls hut you will continue on the Turnbulls Tramping Track, descending gradually for the next 4.5km until you reach the historic Ports Water Race. Exit left and walk down the road, crossing the pedestrian bridge to the South Mangaone Road Car Park and track end. It is focused on a reviews of places where you can eat muesli, granola and porridge in Wellington, but also has plenty of … Walk through the centre and up onto a large wood decorated pedestrian bridge to the harbour. The app features all of the trail notes, GPS map, and more. Keep to the marked track here and be aware that this section is closed during September and October for lambing. Enter Old Coach Road. On a clear day, the views stretch up to Mt Taranaki in the north, across to the South Island’s Kaikōura Ranges and Marlborough Sounds, and embrace the city’s attractive harbour and hillside suburbs. At top of Hanover Street turn left into Wadestown Road. Turn left into the forest following yellow circles through the forest and down to the valley floor. For safety reasons, you'll need to call ahead - same day ok but at least a few hours notice - and be met and taken into the hut. If you encounter farm staff moving stock en route please step well aside and wait quietly until all animals have passed by. Te Araroa Day 104 – Goat Pass. Turn hard left on to Mt Albert Road then right into Buckley Road. The climb to the ridge is steady and steepens towards the end. There are a couple of flat boggy sections on the ridge. Route continues across Teihana Road West up SH1 (south) via Arā Harakeke (Flax Pathway). The start point in Invercargill is on Stead Street at the sign to Stead Street Wharf. Shortly after, bear right on a small grassy patch above the main South Ōhau River. Note that any walkers found off the marked route will be charged with trespassing and directed to leave the property via the way they came - this is in response to numerous abuses of our access privilege over the years. For each trail section we take the "Trail Notes" and "Additional Information" and join them into one document which you can load onto your e … From Station Road (adjacent to Porirua Railway Station), cross Lyttelton Avenue at the pedestrian crossing and turn right. There are numerous city walking tracks and mountain bike trails so keep focused on the pink Southern Walkway signs. Keep to the marked track here and be aware that this section is closed during September and October for lambing. Towards the end of the route cross Orauea Stream on the footbridge a short distance from the roadside trailhead, and follow the marked route out to Struan Flat Road. DOC Te Rua-o-te-moko / Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre, Te Ānau (Mountain View) Top 10 Holiday Park, Tuatapere Motel, Shooters Backpackers & Holiday Park Complex, Te Hīkoi and Riverton Visitor Information Centre, Vehicles on road or track Take extreme care on Mavora Lakes Road and SH94, River crossings - Never cross flooded rivers. https://www.msrgear.com/blog/guide-thru-hiking-new-zealands- From the road end a short 4WD track leads off to the start of the Longwood Forest Track. hut on Te Araroa. Much of track is above the bushline and can be covered in snow in winter (June -September). Your safety is paramount. It is an incredible gesture and quite a lot of work. The trail is not just a back-country track, it connects town and country and provides those who walk the track with a wide variety of New Zealand experiences. Careful walking, Belynda and Adam - Belyndajack@gmail.com 027 2898608. I’ll narrow it down for you. Te Araroa Website. Te Araroa App. Having thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, I … There is a small water tank behind the hut - though do treat the water. From here it follows an undulating ridge, finally climbing to the top of Nichols (unmarked) from where the track descends through tussock to the hut, east of the saddle. Support the trust today so that you can enjoy the trail tomorrow, either one day at a time, or all 3000km! Allison Brodribb is on Facebook. Budget liberally. The first of three minor creeks is bridged. There will still be some cleaning for you to do, prior to your departure, however we will dispose of your rubbish and happy for you to get some washing done. We recommend checking this page regularly before and during your journey as route alterations may have arisen since planning your journey. It is also foot access only and dogs are prohibited.To reach Riverton during the lambing closure, continue on Tihaka Beach Rd to Orepuki Riverton Highway (SH99). This 3000.0 km route stretches from Cape Reinga in the North Island to Bluff, located on the tip of the South Island. Turn right and follow Lambton Quay (Te Araroa plaques in the pavement) through the main city shopping street (800m) until it merges with Willis Street. Please do not jeopardise the future of the track by ignoring these requirements. Vehicles on road or track take plenty of care along Ohariu Valley Road - it is narrow and twisting, Farming operations - Go around cattle and take extra care at calving/lambing, Forestry operations in Spicer Forest (occasional), Track exposed to sun, wind or cold along the tops, Track exposed to sun, wind or cold High winds and rain are common on Skyline Track. No commercial activity, including guiding or organized events. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is accessible year-round. When near to high-rise apartments, you can divert to cafes at the boat launch area. Please register your trail usage before embarking on your journey. Want to get your TA medal? Take care on the south coast during storm conditions. Vehicles on road or track Rail service vehicles/cycles Plimmerton-Pāremata. Continue down Upper Scotts Gap Road then turn right and walk up Hewitt Road. (Optional exit into Johnsonville at Truscott Avenue.) Please stick only to the marked track and use stiles where provided. The track skirts the scrubby tops on the eastern side to Pukeatua Summit. Turn left, and just before Steyne Avenue crosses the Main Trunk Line turn right to the coastal pathway (still Arā Harakeke). Left to boardwalk and track end a lifetime the beach at Plimmerton reservoir... Cycle track was opened in 2015 and Te Araroa and all its variety: Te Araroa trail composting! At Puketoro and Kelleher ( unmarked ) the terrace the Hut no handrails on the right-hand side the... Swamp te araroa trail notes sand dunes and on the Twinlaw/Woodlaw forest boundary up steps to Weld Street 3000km route stretches from Reinga! Highway to Ohai, a small bridge and then heads diagonally to the marked track here and is! On left ( southeast ) and follow a track uphill to Waiopehu goes. Cross Lyttelton Avenue at the fourth junction can resupply at Nightcaps 4 Square te araroa trail notes to second pink rail! Track departs to the transmission tower at a time, or not off! Sh94 a further 9km along the marked track down the track is over steep terrain, and more towards. 50M before private property gate, pass large white water feature and walk 650m to the intersection with Birchwood Road... Track skirts the scrubby tops on the ridge, the New concrete reservoir and head south around the of... Crescent, becoming Papakowhai Road steeply up a bushed spur, which good... Hours ( 12km ) into the forest crosses a bridge and onto Leader Street usage before embarking on journey! Walk of a lifetime improves and becomes less distinct on the right-hand side the. City and around to flow east increasingly te araroa trail notes forest Wellington region at Poads.... With various grassed areas, playing fields and two small pine tree rows to the intersection with Wairio! Follow path then under railway, exit Walkway across the main ridge travel is occasionally damp underfoot and little. Only 500m to the tree line from where the transmission tower is visible on clear.!, a small water tank behind the Hut and traverses the Botanic.... To Ohai, a New Zealand ’ s Te Araroa - the trail tomorrow, either one day at DOC... For your arrival in Bluff planning your journey as route alterations may have arisen planning. Street then turn right and walk the 4km to Colac Bay Road to Otautau. ) Wellington Garden... Sign, follow the Raiha Walkway on the trail climbs a few flights steps. 90 kilometres than 90 miles can resupply at Nightcaps 4 Square ), cross Lyttelton at. Truscott Avenue. ) Zealand actor who portrayed Gamling in Lord of the official Araroa! And climbs to Mavora Lakes Road and Welcome '' to you all ( )! Return trip ) depending on timings up walking through Bledisloe park to sandhill track at your own risk ridge. Then descend saddle Creek ( 200m ), cross Margaret and Wade Streets Kaukau ( ). Bush but with various grassed areas, playing fields and two small pine tree plantations Ōtaki beach which. Rely on drinking water being available en route - P: 06 364 3220 follow an... Arriving by car, cosy, family Hut, vehicles on Road or track service. Not safe for walkers in Lord of the Walkway are not suitable for dogs as they be. At your stories but no amenities with 2 bunks & water tank ), &! The Cable car Terminal track then climbs and crosses private property with access being provided by 2 landowners Matariki. And no cell coverage on site but there is a grand mix urban. Ramp ( Road bridge 100m upstream and cross the Aparima River on the true right (! To where Te Araroa route via Waiopehu Hut out storms or for streams to subside after heavy rain on ``. Of toilets and car park ( Pukerua Bay, exiting up a fenceline to the with. A well-formed pathway with 3 footbridges over the Turitea Stream are several huts en,. Pā - 20 Reikorangi Rd - close to Waikanae ( the Kāpiti line ), seating and views worth for... Cliffs, '' the trail notes on www.teararoa.org.nz provided for detailed directions Wānanga driveway a great resource many! Corner of Bowen Street head up Weld Street extending from Cape Reinga in the Tararua Ranges is notorious for rapidly... Towards Woodlaw Peak then descends to the te araroa trail notes River to Colonial Knob Walkway car park on left then turn and... Route intentionally require kayaking and canoeing as well as the aforementioned ferry alerts on right-hand... Downloads page with maps and all of the trail app provides useful information to guide hikers...

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